Our Terms

Shipment Terms

  • Shipment is deemed to be binding acceptance of our rate quotation and the terms and conditions of the Bill of Lading.
  • All rates quoted are in US Dollars
  • All quoted rates are on FIO terms, unless otherwise specified
  • All quoted rates are per teu, unless otherwise specified
  • IMCO Class 1 shall be quoted separately on application
  • IMCO class 7 is not accepted for carriage
  • All hazardous shipments are accepted subject to vessel master's approval

    For further information, please refer to the prohibited/restricted list of commodities as per appended IMDG List below.

    Notwithstanding any other agreement/understanding that may exist, it is explicitly understood that the containers booked with us will be released at the discharge port, without presentation of Star Feeders original Bills of Lading. Consequently, Star Feeders will not be held liable for claims for wrongful delivery.

Handling of special cargo on thru basis

Handling charges included on thru rates will be as per tariff of the relevant relay ports. If any special gear is used, then any additional port charges will be on a/c of the box operator.

THRU B/L port handling charges

THRU rates are quoted including the prevailing relay port PHC tariff. If any change in port tariff, the additional will be on a/c of the box operator.


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Bill of Lading Terms and conditions

View our Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions   Click here

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